Wild deer comes running towards a man crunching on an apple

Though there are wild predators the deer is still wandering freely in a protected forest north of Peterborough, Ontario.

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It’s not uncommon for wild animals to become accustomed to human presence, particularly in areas where they have been protected and human activity is consistent. In this case, the deer may have learned that humans in the forest are not a threat and may even associate them with the presence of food or other resources.

Wild deer

Once a man met a deer in the forest and to his astonishment the doe seemed to be very friendly.

The doe seems hesitant at first, but then takes the apple and starts munching on it happily. The man watches in amazement as the deer finishes the apple and looks at him with gratitude.

Feeling a connection with the animal, the man offers more apples to the deer, who gladly accepts them. For the next few minutes, the man and the doe share a peaceful moment in the protected forest, enjoying the serenity and beauty of nature together.

Wild deer

Eventually, the deer finishes the apples and moves on, but the man is left with a newfound appreciation for the wildlife around him. He packs up his things and continues on his journey through the forest, feeling grateful for the unexpected encounter and the reminder to appreciate the natural world around him.

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