Before boarding the flight to freedom, the dog that was found in the ditch with a broken leg completely recovers.

A decent Samaritan in Louisiana found an 8-month-old pup in a trench unfit to stroll on his front legs and hurried him to the nearby creature cover, Cara’s House.

The puppy was soaking wet and unable to support himself on his front left leg when he arrived at the shelter. A veterinarian examined him, and an X-ray revealed a hairline fracture.

Granola was the name of the sweet hound mix who was put on kennel rest to see if his body would heal on its own. The veterinarian was confident that this treatment and medication would heal the fracture, and it did!
Once more, granola can walk and play like a pup ought to. He will travel with dozens of other dogs from Louisiana shelters on the Flight to Freedom this month and find a devoted home in Idaho.

On Monday, February 27, more than forty dogs from overcrowded shelters will board the flight. The dogs will be brought back to open kennels and placed in loving homes when they arrive in Idaho, where animal shelter staff and volunteers will be waiting.

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