Students pull off daring upside-down rescue mission to save dog who fell in canal

This rescue is truly incredible. Due to the brave students, the dog was taken out of the canal. Sometimes people go above and beyond to save an animal’s life.

That day became very important for Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor, a pair of 20-year-old students in Manchester, England. They were walking home when they noticed a “stranger” in danger.

A dog named Sumak had fallen into the Ancoats Canal. The dog’s owner Batu Akyol was struggling to hold on to the leash. But unfortunately, the dog couldn’t come out as the wall of the canal was too high.

Ben decided to go over the wall head-first and save the dog’s life. He fulfilled his mission. He dangled down upside down while five others were catching the boy. He managed to catch the dog and his friends pulled him out.

The video posted on Twitter soon gained more than 2 million views and everyone kept praising the boys for their heroic deed.

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