Terminally ill woman’s dying wish is to find a new forever home for her lovely dog

When people know that they are near the end of their life they should make some arrangements for their lovely pets. In most cases, their favorite pets end up in shelters with unknown futures.

Valerie Alexander, from Philadelphia, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and doctors gave her only a few weeks of life. The woman has a lovely pit bull named Rosie who has been her loyal friend.

The woman is very concerned about her pet and wants to make sure that the dog will be in safe hands after her death. She begins investigating all the necessities that Rosie needs for a better and happier life. Valerie even meets with the possible adopters.

While she is in the hospital her friend Charles Bowles took the responsibility for Rosie and wanted to find a home too. The man posted the photo of Rosie on his Facebook account and told about her characteristics.

He said that if anyone wouldn’t take her until her owner passes away the poor dog should be on a kill list of shelters.

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