60-year-old Tom Cruise will be the first actor to star in outer space: his fans never cease to be amazed

The famous actor has 3 Golden Globes and 3 Oscar nominations.

Tom Cruise is now 60 years old but it doesn’t play any role in his career as he continues to amaze his fans with his incredible work.

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Already in 2023, a new part of the Mission: Impossible series will be released, where Tom will once again play Ethan Hunt.

But this is not the end. Tom recently got an invitation from a famous stuntman to shoot in outer space. The actor wants to shoot in a movie on the International Space Station that appeared back in 2020. Though he has mainly concentrated on his “Gun Man”, his fans are eager to see him in any movie.

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We are going to deliver it to the ISS and arrange a real shootout there,” Donna Langley said in an interview with reporters.

Tom Cruise to become the first actor to shoot a movie in outer space -  India Today

Though the whole movie will be shot on Earth, in the culmination the character will also appear in space.

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