Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend were kicked out of a restaurant: The owner turned out to be a Shakira fan

The breakup of Shakira and Pique became the most discussed topic of the year.

Shakira’s ex-husband and the father of two betrayed the famous singer for almost a year.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué's Relationship Timeline and Love Story

When Shakira returned from her long trips she discovered that her favorite strawberry jam was missing. As she knew Pique doesn’t like it she found all the necessary evidence that Pique brought someone else while she was out.

Záletník Gerard Piqué! Shakira ho mala pristihnúť v šatni s matkou  spoluhráča | Nový Čas

Soon Shakira released a track revealing the whole truth of their divorce and Pique’s new and young girlfriend was discussed in the track widely.

Gerard Piqué and girlfriend Clara Chia Marti 'awkward' as they attend  wedding | Metro News

Pique, in his turn, claimed that he was happy and sure of his decision and that his feelings are true.

All their fans began criticizing him with various bad comments on his blog and under the photo of him and his lover Clara Chia.

Months after split, Gerard Piqué flaunts new girlfriend on social media

However, recently the journalists revealed that Pique faced many real problems besides the bad comments. He and Clara have been kicked out of a prestigious restaurant in Los Angeles as the owner turned out to be a Shakira fan.

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