This match is incredible: The girl who lost an arm adopts a kitten with a missing limb

Scarlett lost her arm when she was just 11 months old. 

Her parents, Simone and Matt Tipton, decided to adopt a kitten to show that her quirks can’t interfere with her happiness.

The girl was born with a too large arm and when she was diagnosed with a severe form of cancer, the doctors came to a conclusion to amputate her arm. 

The family had to move to Minnesota as only such a difficult surgery can be held. At the Mayo Clinic the operation took place and after it her parents wanted to give the girl everything that would make her life even better.

That’s why when they heard about a three-month-old kitten whose limb had been amputated due to an accident, they immediately called the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus to adopt the kitten.

This was the best decision and match. The girl understood that she now has a true friend with whom they share the same features and fates.

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