The cutest sound in the world: Have you ever heard a squirrel chewing a nut?

A British zoologist and photographer Danny O’Connor lives in Northern Sweden. She likes her work and often appears in awesome situations in Mother Nature.

Once she visited a forest and made friends with cute squirrels. She found a soulmate and named the cutie pie Remy. This let the British woman take as many wonderful photos as she wanted.

A few days later Danny found Remy dead. The poor squirrel had been hit by a car. Danny hurried her but she had something more important to do: to care about the little squirrels that were left without a mother at the age of 4 weeks.

Danny consulted with wildlife experts and discovered everything that the little ones need during the first weeks of their life. She spent from 4 to 6 hours daily in the forest and cared for them attentively.

The little squirrels got used to her and her voice. They knew that Danny was their second mother. 

Danny took a very funny video of one of them chewing a nut. You have never heard such a calming and at the same time cute sound.

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