A 13-year-old boy tried to sing like Celine Dion in less than a minute as the judges jumped up from their seats

This 13-year-old boy named Abu set foot on the stage of “The Voice Kids Belgium” show and really managed to seduce everyone in the hall. And this is really true, Fate itself wanted Celine Dion to become a world-famous singer in the future. At first, he endowed her with excellent vocal skills and gave birth to a family of musicians. They supported the boy in every possible way and helped him to develop even more in that field.

Then he met me with Rene Angel and the whole world. It is difficult to remember a corner where a lyrical soprano was not heard, which was full of emotions and feelings. We suggest you walk with Celine Zion and find out how she was able to reach such heights. On March 30, 1968, the 14th child, little Celine, appeared in the Dion family, who had French-Canadian roots. The event took place in the small town of Charlie, which later became a large part of Montreal, the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec.

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