After 2 years at the stray a shelter animal who was constantly walked by gets a wonderful family

An animal who spent two years as a stray and was frequently passed by by walkers finds a great household.

Every animal in a shelter hopes to be adopted by a loving family and have a wonderful home. However, some animals’ wishes are being fulfilled quickly, while others must wait weeks, months, or even years.

However, while the other animals were being taken away one by one, one magnificent dog stayed at the rescue for more than twenty months.
She, on the other hand, was looking forward to her triumph.

Animal Janice lived much of her life in a shelter in the hopes of being saved. The staff at the shelter tried everything they could to match her with a contented home.

Two years later, Janice became the shelter’s longest-tenant ever. All of the meetings with prospective owners ended in failure for whatever reason.

Janice was upset that everyone was ignoring her and gradually adopting new dogs in place of her.

The staff at the shelter was perplexed as to why no one wanted a child such a wonderful pet.

She couldn’t be kept with cats, which was one of the potential reasons. Or perhaps it’s because she isn’t a very active dog.

The prospective owners did not even notice how beautiful her face was when they stared at it for some strange reason.

Janice is not a challenging canine. She just needs a tiny bit of attention before she falls asleep. Her bed and toy were two of her favorite things in the world.

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