Bags under the eyes, looks 60! The paparazzi caught Lopez by surprise without makeup

Under-eye bags make you seem 60! Lopez was caught off guard by the paparazzi without makeup.

On the set of a brand-new Hollywood film, the paparazzi were able to get the 51-year-old diva without makeup and chic filters.

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in front of the crowd in all her splendor, but some online users could not recognize the performer’s inherent attractiveness.

No photoshop is an average woman, “Looks at all 60 in these shots,” “Bags under the eyes,” “Nothing exceptional,” “Seems perfect on Instagram,” “I like this,” “Jennifer is getting older,” “Lost position,” “Nasolabial fold,”

She looks fantastic for her age, in my opinion. Netizens also commented that she was a “ordinary woman” and that she looked terrific. Post your thoughts in the comments as well.

You will find me below this post.

Jennifer Lopez displays her athletic body in one of the Tiktok videos. She begins the video by saying, “Say that you go to the gym without saying it out loud,” before her toned stomach and arms enter the frame.

However, the actress is quite near to the camera in the initial few seconds, and many who paid close attention saw that her skin’s wrinkles briefly became apparent.

This appears to be promptly noticed by Lopez, who then turns away. Watch the video until the filter comes off to show J. Lo’s skin’s true texture, according to the description, which was added to the @needthedeets account.

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