Britney has been changed! Fans have irrefutable evidence

Britney has undergone a change. Supporters have uncontested proof.

As a fan page shared ‘evidence’ in the shape of an AI-generated before and after shot from her wedding day, Britney Spears’ fans are concerned that the singer isn’t who she claims to be.

Instagram user published “evidence” that Britney Spears has been “replaced” by artificial intelligence.

Several admirers of Britney Spears, 41, have expressed worry recently, thinking that she is not in control of her social media accounts.

A fan utilizes artificial intelligence to “improve” a fuzzy shot from Britney’s wedding in a new video posted to the BritneyIsNotFree Instagram account.

The Instagram video clip was uploaded in the form of a reel by the account that maintains Britney “is not free” after being released from conservatorship and that “nothing can convince me that’s her at all.”

The movie has a picture of Britney grinning on her wedding day to her husband Sam Asghari, but it is severely distorted and blurred.

After being fed through an AI photo generator, the image is fully changed, having all pixels and blur removed.

After being altered, the image seems to be crisper, but fans are convinced it isn’t Britney because the AI generator seems to have twisted her features.

After sharing the footage and claiming she wasn’t sure it was Britney in the picture, Britney fans were divided.

“That hasn’t been her in at least a decade,” acknowledged one fan.

LOL looks like Jessica Simpson. Odd, “said another commenter, who was echoed by a number of others.

A third individual remarked, “Explains the gloves so it covers the tattoo on her hand.

“The eyes are the wrong color. It has Jessica Simpson’s nose. Tooth alignment is off. No way,” a fourth chimed in.

It was said: “That’s what I was thinking,” someone retorted. No matter how terrible AI is, her teeth won’t be that terribly damaged.

The theory’s detractors persisted in saying: “AI isn’t trustworthy. These conspiracies are unfounded. Allow Britney to live!!”

Another person commented, “I have this app and it makes everyone’s face messed up like that if it’s too pixelated or little.

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