Gisele practiced yoga on the beach and showed her mantra for when things get challenging

Gisele demonstrated her mantra for when things are difficult while doing yoga on the beach.

Gisele Bundchen exercised on the beach while looking lovely in a fitted gray workout outfit. She said that yoga is good for “difficult” times.

Although it is well known that Gisele Bundchen is quite athletic and healthy, the supermodel has acknowledged that she uses yoga to help her cope with “difficult” situations.

The 42-year-old posted a picture of herself performing yoga on the beach while dressed in a gray fitness uniform and wrote a lengthy statement on how yoga keeps her centered when things are “crazy out there.”

Gisele uploaded a picture of herself doing a deep lunge while standing with her arm stretched in the air on a yoga mat on the beach.

She was barefoot, had no makeup on, and had her hair pulled back in a braid. Gisele captioned the picture, “Being healthy is more than a clean diet and exercise.

Gisele said, “It’s about our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Remember that every day the sun rises, bringing with it a fresh opportunity to try once more and perform better.

There are times when it’s tight, and the loudness might easily annoy us. It is essential to be informed. What type of energy do you promote? Keep in mind that we co-create our own reality because we believe what we create.

Gisele has recently maintained a great appearance, and despite her recent divorce from Tom Brady, she seems satisfied. Since their breakup, Gisele has been sporting a variety of seductive styles.

Her appearance at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on February 19 in a tiny off-the-shoulder crop top and tight white trousers is one of our favorites.

In order to attend the event, Gisele wore a tight black crop top with a deep V-neckline that hung off her shoulders and displayed the name of the location over her chest in gold lettering.

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