Hugs with a predator: the story of friendship between a lioness and a man who conquered social media

Hugs with a predator: the tale of a lioness’ friendship with a social media tycoon

Around fifteen years ago, He Gruner prevented the death of a tiny tiger cub that was just ten days old.

The man began taking care of a young kitten. And so began a protracted and compelling relationship that enthralled many users of social networking sites all around the world.

At a wildlife park in Botswana, Sirga, an adult lioness, now lives next to her rescuer.

Valentine rarely leaves the park for an extended period of time and spends almost all of his time with his tail friend.

A local producer named Willy de Graaf built a predator cage to house animals that feed on his cattle. It was in this enclosure that Valentino discovered the lioness who has become such a significant part of his life.

“Adult lions in this cage tore to pieces two or three lion cubs that their mother had left behind.” Just Sirga made it away. She was very small and perhaps 10 days old, according to Valentin.

The man nurtured the young lioness as his own child after adopting her.

Through the years, Sirga grew close to Valentino and developed feelings for him. She now immediately approaches him to give him a strong embrace everytime she sees him.

Every time I open the gate to her enclosure, it occurs. That never fails to surprise me. Animals may express their feelings quite well through hugs. This behavior, though, is consistent with it. I am Sirga’s only friend.

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