In a thօng of gold beads: 38 yearold Isabelle lit up at the carnival in Brazil

Isabelle, 38, from Brazil’s carnival lit up in a thng of gold beads.

The well-known carnival in Rio de Janeiro ended last Saturday.

It is really challenging to stand out at this event because thousands of stunning women from around the world attend with their most unusual appearances.

Yet, despite being far from young, Brazilian fashion model Isabelle Galart was successful. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel, 38, who displayed her flawless body, became the event’s highlight.

With a little bra with thong and a gold beaded skirt that shimmered magnificently on her bronzed body, the diva flaunted her impressively toned curves.

The beauty amped up her sultry look with crisp black eyeliner, sculpted cheeks and a glossy lip. She played flirtatiously and lazily with her hair as she struck postures on the red carpet.

Isabelle shared a seductive photo shoot with her 4.5 million Instagram followers.

Izabel Goulart, 38, attracted attention at the traditional ball at the Copacabana Palace in Rio with her economy in her grins and laconic comments, especially considering the well-known model was the event’s queen.

The one hour delay in her arrival that caused her to end the hurried, carnival-like engagement was the cause of what many people categorised as dislike.

Her counselor stated that she became caught in traffic as a result of the restrictions. After that, he was free to unwind on the hotel’s 6th floor, which had previously hosted Madonna and Princess Diana.

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