Increased not only lips? Megan emphasized a magnificent bսst in a new photo shoot

Grew, not just lips? Megan highlighted a stunning bust in a recent photo shoot.

Hollywood starlet Megan Fox is changing radically after her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly.

Fans begged the star not to get plastic surgery so they wouldn’t lose their natural beauty, but the star just couldn’t help following the latest fashion.

There made little sense to conceal the alterations once the ubiquitous paparazzi saw her leaving a specialized facility; instead, in each new photograph, the celebrity highlighted her larger lips.

According to reports, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are attending daily couples therapy sessions to resolve their problems or, at the very least, determine whether they still want to be married.

The ups and downs of Fox and Kelly

Fox and Kelly, who have been engaged for a year, have had a turbulent relationship that has alternated between emotional outbursts and secretive Instagram breakups.

During the 2023 Super Bowl, the pair apparently got into a heated argument, and Megan vented her resentment on Instagram. According to reports, the actress from “Transformers” took off her engagement ring.

They communicate with a couples therapist on Zoom every day, a source said. Megan thinks they should first attempt treatment before making any commitments.

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