Kaylie spoke about her prоblem, fans will support her

Kaylie talked about her issue, and her supporters will

The cult comedy series The Big Bang Theory was very briefly put on hold in 2010 when actress Kaley Cuoco injured her leg after falling off a horse.

Following that, the leg was “made up” to hide the plaster. Currently, Kaylee, 37, is expecting her first child.

You can no longer conceal your stomach, yet production on the comedy-thriller series Based on a True Story was not halted for such a little issue.

Cuoco divorced equestrian Karl Cook, the son of billionaire Scott Cook, at the beginning of the year.

– It was a trying time. The woman complained, “I couldn’t focus on filming, I couldn’t even get into the script and recall the words.

Fortunately, a new love did not take long to arrive when 40-year-old “Ozark” actor Tom Pelphrey came.

I’m having a girl, and I only need to figure out how to consume fewer sweets, Kaylee said.

The “Big Bang Theory” actors’ salaries set a record for American television. In the finest seasons, Kaley Cuoco received $1 million per episode. Then she willingly dropped her price by $100,000 to help other performers be paid more.

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