“The Girl Who Became a Man”: What Does The Daughter Of The Singer Cher, Who Became a Man 9 Years Ago, Look Like Now!

Sherilyn Bono Allman, better known by her stage as Cher, turned 73 this April.

Cher’s daughter was born in March 1969, marking her first motherhood. In commemoration of the movie’s protagonist, the young lady was given the name Chastity.

Sonny Bono, Cher’s husband and partner in a duet, was overjoyed to learn that their daughter had been born. He made an effort to squeeze as much family time as he could into his hectic schedule.

Chastity was an introverted youngster growing up. She struggled with being overweight, and her peers frequently made fun of her.

Chastity started to wear jeans and tees more frequently because it was difficult to obtain attractive women’s apparel in bigger sizes. She quickly came to the conclusion that she had no interest at all in clothing or cosmetics.

Cher’s kid, who is now an adult, acknowledged that she no longer had trembling feelings for the male side of humanity. Female representatives pique her curiosity.

In 2008, Chastity started taking male hormones and supporting medications. She eventually had sex reassignment surgery.

The girl’s name and gender were changed in 2010 as a result of a court ruling. Chaz Bono is the new name that Chastity has given herself since becoming a man.

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