This lion is so grateful to this woman that he took the decision to kiss her gently

This lion is so grateful to this woman that he took the decision to kiss her softly

One of the best shelters in Colombia is where Venus, a cat, currently calls home.

The wild animals at the rescue facility are cared for by Ana Julia Tores. She is the keeper of four lions, nine tigers, pumas, cougars, caimans, a bear, and an eland.

There lives a chimpanzee, numerous monkeys, and occasionally even birds. Although Anna has many different beds, they all actually have one thing in common: they had no concept of what a good heart was and only saw sin in other people.

The bulk of the living things Ana cares for have serious ailments that would accompany individuals for the rest of their lives, and some are able to be cured visible and intangible physically and emotionally.

Anna has two kids, but she treats every animal that comes into the house as if it were her baby and makes every effort to help them.

Venus, according to Ana, is her first choice out of the approximately 800 animals in the rescue facility. Jupiter began to work in a freakshow and experienced abuse.

The lion did not recognize the other animals nearby because of the man’s mistreatment; he was terrified and avoided interaction with them in any way he could.

Once Anna gained the monkey’s trust by being diplomatic and caring, VENUS’ phobia quickly disappeared. He reportedly traveled from the rescue center to the theme park first. The effect of Anna’s activities was this.

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