What does 47 yearold Charlize look like now? The Evil Queen approves

What does Charlize currently, at age 47, look like? The Evil Queen is in favor.

The Dior presentation, one of the highlights of the entire festival, got Paris Fashion Week off to a fast start yesterday on the final day of winter.

We won’t likely write a review of the show for several pages; instead, we will have a comprehensive article with an analysis of all the highs and lows of French fashion designers by the time the event is through.

So remember to check back for updates. You can read our post with the outcomes of Milan Fashion Week in the meantime, by the way.

Let’s revisit Dior. The show’s A-list celebrities could be seen in the front seats, including Gal Gadot and Alexandra Daddario, in pictures that reflected the House’s distinctively conservative and even slightly gothic aesthetic.

As usual, Charlize Theron, another guest on the program, managed to outshine everyone and everything.

The 47-year-old actress emerged at the event in a wonderfully cut and even, strangely in the environment of Dior mothballs, “contemporary” attire, not without a tinge of current trends.

Charlize completed her look with lace-up boots, gold earrings, a tiny bag with Cannage’s distinctive pattern, and a transparent cream-colored skirt to balance out the black coat.

Now let’s focus on the outfit’s bottom decoration. The actress has favored fringe, a design element that will reappear on trend pedestals with a fury in 2023.

(Fashion statements from Katie Holmes and brands like Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, and Alaia comply).

Moreover, Charlize gives herself a solid 11 points out of 10 for her 47th birthday; the Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Huntsman” would undoubtedly receive a favorable evaluation from the mirror.

The actress now makes only sporadic appearances at social gatherings, but each one is priceless. Yeah, at such a size that Charlize’s costume will unquestionably make our upcoming list of the greatest pictures from this week.

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