Shania as Daisy leaves a lаsting impression

Shania’s performance as Daisy makes an impression.

Shania changed into Daisy Dukes in an effort to project a sexual image.

Shania Twain appeared set to take on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Saturday, November 5.

The 57-year-old singer uploaded a picture of herself in her dressing room looking absolutely stunning. “Very eager to spend time with [Jennifer Hudson]!!” she wrote, alongside a heart emoji.

The man says, “Man!” The singer donned a pair of black fishnets underneath a pair of denim Daisy Dukes with a fur lining.

She wore a pink shirt with fluffy balls that resembled flowers all over it. She added a pair of platform high-heeled boots to complete the look.

She was reaching for her purse when the photographer took the picture, which stood out against her bright pink shirt with the camouflage pattern.

The “Any Man of Mine” actor’s shot was also retweeted by Jennifer, and it was clear that they were both eager to connect on the show.

The interview Shania had with Jennifer, 41, will run on Syndication on Tuesday, November 8. The program will also include Jodie Turner-Smith.

The fishnets and Daisy Dukes combo Shania wore recently is not her only gorgeous look.

She first announced the release of her music video for “Waking Up Dreaming” back in September.

The singer-songwriter shared a selfie of herself topless, holding a white button-down shirt around her waist and accessorized with a cowboy hat.

She grinned for the camera on the red carpet while donning a cowboy hat and matching leopard print boots at the August ACM Awards.

She accepted the ACM Honor Award in a striped white gown, carrying on the animal print motif.

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