This photojournalist spent ten years shooting wild hamster and these are his top thirty shots

These are the top thirty images that a photojournalist who spent ten years photographing wild hamsters captured.

Did you know that there are hamsters in the wild? Until I saw Julian Rad’s hamster photos from Austria, I didn’t think so.

He informed me that for the previous ten years, he had been studying the exceedingly rare and restricted to a few European countries species of hamster known as the European Hamster.

You can see that he should have spent every free moment attempting to get all of these incredible photographs just looking at his lovely hamster photos.

In 2020, the European mouse was classified as being threatened across the board, bringing it one step away from extinction. The species could become endangered within the next 31 years, according to the European Nature (IUCN).

Notwithstanding the fact that the grounds for.

In addition to informing viewers about various creatures, Julian and other wildlife photographers may also contribute by using the strength of images to raise awareness about endangered species.

It is my pleasure to share with you some of Julian’s best photographs of wild hamsters that he has managed to capture over the past ten years. Julian has a wonderful talent for capturing these uncommon and amazing moments.

Just take in what you can while being mindful of how lovely and distinctive these creatures may be.

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