Carmen was born in a bikiոi! Her best images, after which it gets hot

In a bikii, Carmen was born! Her best photographs, after which it becomes warm

Simply put, Carmen Electra is ageless. The seductive siren celebrated her 50th birthday on April 20 but appeared to be still in her twenties in a smoldering boomerang video while sporting a tangerine bikini.

Carmen moved a little while wearing the string two-piece to display her amazing figure from different perspectives. One fan said in the comments, “Fountain of youth darling!”

You appear to be at least 20 years younger than you are. In the video, Carmen’s face and body looked young, and she has previously talked about how she keeps her youthful looks.

Carmen follows a strict diet, drinks lots of water, and takes good care of her skin, which has helped her maintain a similar appearance to when she first joined the Baywatch group in 1996.

Let’s be real, we’re in Hollywood here, and when I share the real story, most people are shocked because normally a woman would have certain things done, she told the Daily Mail in 2018. “In my case, I am completely free of [surgery], and I would say [my youthful appearance] is because of my discipline with my skincare routine,” she said.

Tara Patrick, better known as Carmen, established her own skincare line, GoGo.

About her youthful appearance, she said, “For the time being, I’m delighted with my routine and it’s working!” She added that she doesn’t hold people who get plastic surgery to a higher standard. She declared, “I think everyone has the freedom to be themselves without being judged.

The actress admitted to drinking a lot of water after getting out of bed to The Cut in 2017. It’s easier for me now to maintain the weight off, she adds, adding, “I made it a rule to drink two bottles of water before I start my day.”

Carmen views exercise positively when it comes to preserving her stunning physique. She told Muscle & Fitness, “I look at fitness as a method of expressing myself,” noting that she enjoys dancing as a type of exercise. As another example of her preference for simplicity, she says, “I’ll do some lunges, anything easy like that.”

It’s not difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Carmen told the journal. You just need to exercise, eat well, remain hydrated, get enough sleep, and, most importantly, try to live as stress-free as you can. If the end result is looking this beautiful in a bikini at 50, we’re sold!

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