Even her back is perfect! Salma, in a dress unbuttoned below the waist, bit off a piece of chicken from her hand

Her back is flawless, even! Salma chewed off a piece of chicken from her hand while wearing a dress with the bottom button undone.

At the Oscars ceremony, an unidentified photographer commented on the Salma Hayek incident with the phrase “Expectation and reality.”

At an event at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, the 56-year-old actress tweeted a video of herself eating in the kitchen while wearing an original red sequin dress with the back fully undone.

The stunning woman turned her back on the camera, revealing her back’s beautiful curve in all its splendor. The Mexican celebrity’s stylish brown hair fell freely over her shoulders, giving her a sensual and feminine appearance.

The French billionaire’s wife, who had overnight become his wife, demonstrated that nothing about humanity is unnatural to the stars. She held a partially consumed piece of chicken.

She squatted over the table, biting off another piece with appetite. The image appeared particularly magnificent while wearing a stylish Gucci dress, which made people giggle off-screen.

The actress captioned the video, “I’m delighted that the splendor continues, but first about the main issue.”
Subscribers did not try to hide how much the film made them feel better in the comments:

When we return from the party, Salma welcomes us as ladies. Even her back is flawless! Show that to the women who don’t eat, and you’ll see why we adore her. The most exquisite among all.

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