Laughter through tears! Britney wore a mop instead of a skirt

Tears through laughter! Instead of a skirt, Britney wore a mop.

Fans mocked the celebrity for the picture.

In recent years, Britney Spears has emerged as the internet’s most well-known freak.

As the Hollywood actress formally left her father’s custody, everything began. As soon as Britney achieved the desired independence, her social networks started to fill up with bizarre images wearing equally bizarre attire.

Each time, the singer’s clothing either shrank in length or vanished entirely (read more: “Cover her with anything”: Britney Spears shared nudes that will make you cry).

Following these performances, local stars as well as fans raised the alarm. Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, claimed that their two sons have already started to feel embarrassed of their mother.

Britney Spears, however, has no intention of stopping even after that. The artist keeps staging fashion displays in vintage attire and filming her bizarre dances.

On social media, the Hollywood star of the pop scene displayed one of these exits. The actress wore a tight skirt with a cutout at the hip along with a black bra top that did little to contain the star’s protruding breasts.

She was brought down so low by Britney in her preferred way that she lost any appearance and resembled some sort of garment or rag.

The odd ensemble was completed by black ankle boots and a pink bag hanging from a short chain.

Fans once more observed that Spears’ photos are getting ever more obscene and bizarre (read also: Britney Spears in a microfur coat and corset appeared before the fans – a sight not for the faint of heart).

What do those rags on it represent? It’s time for Britney to stop and employ a stylist, “Such only clear the dust,” “Incomprehensible clothing again,” “Obviously, she’s doing ill,” and “I’m already concerned about her condition.” The singer’s supporters reportedly added, “It’s not natural to wear, don’t know what, and continually share it.

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