Little dress with a deep nеckline: a provօcative image of Nicole

Nicole is portrayed as wearing a little dress with a plunging neckline.

Last night, the majority of Chanel brand supporters congregated in Beverly Hills. He invited his favorite celebrities to the fashion house’s pre-Academy celebration.

One of the guests who stood out was Nicole Kidman. She showed in wearing a look that made a lasting impact.

The actress appeared wearing a dress of deep blue. She had a tweed jacket, an incredibly short dress with a plunging neckline and black ruffles, as well as cap-toed heels.

Bright makeup, a loose tail, and a pearl necklace complete the look. French style! See more images here!

By the way, Nicole is stunning on the inside as well as the outside. She recently went to see Hugh Jackman in the Broadway production of The Music Man.

After it was over, the actress gave a charity that supports the battle against AIDS $100,000 (six million rubles, Ed).

The winners of the Best Actress and Best Actor awards at the annual Oscar ceremony will soon be revealed, but for the time being, the celebrities are busy attending events to celebrate the occasion.

Nicole Kidman, an actress, attended the 14th Annual Academy Awards Dinner on Saturday, May 11, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

The actress selected a Chanel tweed outfit for this occasion, which included a little dress and a cropped jacket. Large buttons with jewels and tulle ruffles completed this elegant ensemble.

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