Marilyn come back! Ana repeates the image of the legendary blonde

Marilyn, return! Ana keeps using the picture of the fabled blonde.

The Hollywood icon followed a well-worn path: Ana de Armas selected an outfit that served as a nod to another photo of Marilyn Monroe. The actress showed up on the award’s carpet wearing such a sophisticated ensemble.

That evening, Ben Affleck, 34, instantly turned his attention to the general public. Being the best actress nominee for the Oscar, Ana was well-prepared for this opportunity, which might turn out to be crucial for the rest of her acting career.

In the Netflix Streaming Service production “Blonde,” the actress who plays Marilyn Monroe selected a shimmering silver dress with a mermaid style.

Her physique faded to her hips in a Louis Vuitton dress with a U-shaped neckline and expensive stone embellishments, which transitioned into a mermaid skirt with a lengthy train that looked like petals of flowers.

This year’s nominees for best actress include Kate Blanchett (Tar), Andrea Raizborough (“For the sake of Leslie”), Michel Williams (“Fabelmans”), and Michele Yeo (“Everything is everywhere and at once”). Ana is also up for the award.

First, Salma Hayek joined her daughter on the carpet. Next to her mother, 15-year-old Valentina held on to the photographers with assurance.

Nicole Kidman and Kita Urban attended the award ceremony. The couples locked lips passionately, oblivious to the lens flares all around them.

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