The leg went viral! Donatella was struck by the triumph of Angie in her risky dress at the Oscars

The leg gained popularity online! Donatella was moved by Angie’s success at the Oscars in her bold outfit.

Donatella Versace discussed the iconic costume worn by Angelina Jolie. The actress wore the outfit to the ceremony in 2012, and the designer disclosed its secret.

Brad Pitt, who was Angie’s husband at the time, and she walked the red carpet together eleven years ago. The actress was dressed in a black dress by Donatella with a dizzying neckline that reached her thigh.

She didn’t anticipate that her costume would garner attention, according to the designer. Jolie posed for cameras by extending her leg in a snap, shocking the entire world in effect. The actress was mocked, and her stance was used repeatedly.

not without snide remarks. On the network, a page devoted to Jolie’s foot was visible. Several memes claiming that the star of the movie “Malefisent” lives her own life were inspired by the actress’s image.

“The leg has gone viral, and this photo was all over the place. You may not always be aware that a clothing is the best, but when you see someone wearing it, you realize how amazing it is.

– Donatella acknowledged as much in a Wall Street Journal interview.

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