The elephant delivered the baby elephant to the folks who had rescued her life a touching story of saying thank you

In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude, the elephant presented the baby elephant to the people who had saved her life.

What kind of connection may wild animals have with people who once saved them? Our moving story serves as additional confirmation of this fact.

A baby elephant who had been abandoned by his mother in 2006 was fortunately saved by staff members of Kenya’s David Jones Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

The infant could hardly survive on its own and was on the verge of starvation. Her name is Lojuk.

The elephant lived in the preserve for a number of years. When he reached adulthood, she was then let out in the wild.

The animal never forgot the guy who aided and raised it, despite the passing of time. Lojuk would go to the reserve once a week to tell her about her relatives. The elephant returned last fall, but this time he wasn’t the only one.

She had her brand-new baby with her. It was obvious that Logjik was eager to share the good news with her friends. After all, the baby elephant had only been born a short while earlier.

Mother elephants and their young, called Lily by the staff of the preserve, went right to Benjamin Kialo, the bank’s chief keeper.

Lojuk let the man to kiss the infant and blow into her chest.

In this way, the preserve’s crew makes a scent impression on the animals.

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