The emergency services were called when a kangaroo was sighted on a rooftop but they assumed it was a prank

When a kangaroo was spotted on a rooftop, the emergency services were contacted, but they initially thought it was a joke.

A kangaroo reportedly landed on top of one of Brisbane, Africa, residents’ homes, shocking them, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Nobody who could observe what was happening was able to determine how the creature ended up in this location. The incident happened early on September 7th.

The locals enquired for assistance because they were too terrified to assist the marsupial on their own. It’s true that they put up a lot of resistance since they thought they were being tricked.

When we received the phone call, Michael Buck, a seasoned fireman, stated, “We thought that was a joke.”

The kangaroo grew frightened when the authorities arrived, jumped down from the mound they had built, and disappeared into the bushes, leaving the public to wonder.

Firefighters remarked, “This is still a marvel to us how he managed to get onto the rooftop. The kangaroo belongs to the marsupial species Macropodia (macro poda, which means “big foot”).

This term is frequently used to describe the red room, the anti-police animal, eastern gray duikers, and western white duikers, all of which belong to the same genus. It is simple to love all of the species because each one is special.

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