This kitten is so brave and nice firstly it was just stuck in a tree and could not move read what happened next

First, this kitty was only stuck in a tree and unable to move. Read what transpired next to see how courageous and kind it is.

You don’t come across a cat stuck in a tree every day. But one day, while Ashley Pennington was walking her dog, he found himself in that kind of a predicament.

Before leaving the house, she heard a few little meows, but she cannot identify them. A few minutes later, when the bewildered woman got back from her walk, the cat was meowing considerably louder than before.

I was a little concerned that a cat might be in the tunnel area, so I went outside, but I eventually saw a kitten sitting in a branch, Pennington explains.

When Pennington discovered the little stray kitten, she was eager to bring him back to safety. She decided to do it herself and went to fetch a scaffold to bring the little fellow down from the limbs of the tree.

Once the animal had safely descended, Pennington believed her work was finished. On the other hand, the courageous brown tabby that she had rescued had other intentions.

The adorable fur ball refused to let go for even a second, and kept brushing up against Pennington’s ankles as he traveled.

The cat knew he would be in good company when he saw her friendly dog Otis relaxing in their yard. He thus sprinted into the family’s back door, which his savior had mistakenly propped open.

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