This nice girl likes going to park and often meets there a white goose after some time they become good friends

This sweet child enjoys coming to the park, where she frequently runs into a white goose. Over time, the two develop close friendships.

Alison, the girl in the picture, decided to go for log walks throughout the lockdown in order to stay healthy and in shape.

One day as she strolls in the park, she spots a goose enjoying itself while strolling alongside her.

The goose eventually made the decision to approach the girl and start a friendship because it was so comfortable talking to people.

When the girl contacted the park security about the creature she had previously encountered, they informed her that the creature had been nurtured in a home setting and that the person who had raised her looked just like the girl, which is why it was so amiable.

After then, she realized what was wrong and what was happening.

The animal simply mistook her for his prior owner, which is why he acted in such a manner. The animal was really lovely and sociable, so the girls really liked it.

For the girl, going to the park to meet a new acquaintance, strolling around, and simply enjoying their time together was exciting and pleasurable.

As a result, they later developed a close friendship.

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