A romantic love story between the shelter dogs one of the dogs refused to leave the shelter without his lover

A passionate love story involving the dogs in the shelter Unaccompanied by his owner, one of the dogs resisted leaving the shelter.

Back in the 1930s, the Burster family from California owned a beautiful dog named Lola. Years passed as Katherine battled to accept her loss. Nevertheless, fate has a treat in store for them.

When looking to acquire a house for a few different dog breeds one day, Katherine came across an advertisement from a Philadelphia pet dog rescue.

The woman concluded from the story that because dogs are so closely related to one another, they probably wouldn’t tolerate divorce. Katherine learned after getting in touch with this group

said there were prior candidates again for boy, that nobody ever wants to adopt a couple of kids, that they will have to look for owners separately.

The woman agreed to discuss it with her husband. Before heading to the rescue, they chatted about it for a few days to get to know the animals.

After spending time with them, they knew they couldn’t leave. They brought the dogs to their house as a result.

The woman’s dogs, Gus and Nina, quickly acclimated to their new environment and developed into happy, upbeat pets.


They clearly appreciate the owners for keeping them together.

I can now see how Gus would quickly lose interest in Nina. She served as “his support and encouragement,” according to Katherine. — He would be constantly searching for her if we had abducted him and raised him with her. Nina is still a young woman.

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