Amanda went out on the street completely ոaked! She has mental problems

Amanda exited her house in her underwear. She has emotional issues.

The celebrity was taken to a mental health facility.

Hollywood starlet Amanda Bynes wound herself in a mental health facility. TMZ has reported it. The star did, in fact, stroll through the streets of Los Angeles last Sunday while absolutely naked.

Witnesses said that Amanda stopped a passing automobile and declared she was going crazy. The artist dialed 911 after that. The famous person was detained and taken to a mental health facility.

Keep in mind that Bynes was already receiving therapy at a hospital in 2013 after nearly setting her dog on fire. The actress was then given a bipolar illness diagnosis.

Following Amanda Bynes’ reported hospitalization over the weekend, further information is becoming available regarding the moments before she was placed under emergency medical monitoring.

The 36-year-old actress was reportedly put on a psychiatric hold after being found naked in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, according to TMZ.

The source claims that before calling 911 herself, Bynes waved down a car and informed the driver she was experiencing a mental episode.

Yet Bynes’ predicament seems to have started after a low-key outing with a friend on Friday for St. Patrick’s Day. Bynes “walked by Palmas Smoke Shop in Los Angeles on Friday night… with a companion,” according to an eyewitness.

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