Are these shorts or uոderwear? Megan walks down the street in an indecent outfit

Are these underwear or shorts? Megan is dressed improperly as she strolls down the street.

Indeed, she could easily afford this given her size.

It’s understandable why Megan Fox is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most alluring diva.

Even though Megan is now beautiful, she used to be a very simple, everyday girl. But, she became a true sex icon of our day thanks to successful plastic surgery, cosmetologists, and stylists (as well as, of course, her own work).

Even her most adventurous coworkers would not venture out on the red carpet wearing such revealing costumes, thus this actress’s stunning ensembles are only to be envied. Fox ironically wears outfits that would be offensive on any other girl while at the same time doing the opposite.

Megan astonishes with her attire both on the tracks and in daily life. Because she was married to Brian Austin Green, she wore modest clothing.

But, after she got divorced and started dating crazy musician Machine Gun Kelly, her fashion sense increased dramatically in boldness and brightness.

Several followers think that the 36-year-old celebrity is now purposefully acting young, like a student, and is frantically attempting to mimic her lover’s outlandish fashion.

But are motives important? It’s enjoyable to appreciate Fox in provocative fashion novelties due to her fantastic form.

Take, for instance, her last exit. Fox is the only person who would probably dare to wear tight, extremely short shorts made of thin jersey, at least when going out in public. The star’s short top, which opens the stomach, suited them as well.

Naturally, reactionary Internet users condemned the star right away. Is it possible to dress like that if you’re a mother of three and are no longer a teenager? But the sight of Megan pleased and immediately inspired ardent fashionistas.

By the way, the actress claimed a few years ago that she did not at all consider herself a sex symbol and that she was even a little ashamed to be dubbed that. Fox has either greatly improved her self-esteem since then or she was crafty. We invite you to view Megan Fox’s current appearance, both on the red carpet and during everyday activities.

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