Changed the image of Angie captured at a dinner with the heir to the Rothschild family

Altered the photograph of Angie taken at a dinner with the Rothschild family heir.

Recent developments in Brad Pitt’s personal life have been a hot topic among journalists. Recall that he has been meeting with Ines de Ramon since the fall of last year.

It’s rumored that Angelina Jolie does not at all like how serious this couple’s relationship develops. According to recent media reports, she sincerely wants to speak with Ines and warn her about how this book might turn out.

Unfortunately, it appears that the conference was postponed until now. Fans are confident that the main goal is for Jolie to be content in her personal life.

Journalists cite recent photos of the Hollywood actress with the British branch of the Rothschild family heir as an indirect evidence of this.

Evidently, Angie decided to refresh the image a little, as she added a barely perceptible staining. Fans, however, focused considerably more on the actress’s attire.

who sported a black maxi dress with side slits. Everyone who wishes to put their attention on their waist is strongly encouraged to take a closer look at these models.

By the way, we have serious doubts that Angelina Jolie and David Mayer de Rothschild have anything more than just cordial and professional ties.

Remember that the latter is actively interested in social and environmental endeavors. Because of this, Emma Watson was reportedly present at this meeting with them.

David and Angelina undoubtedly drove separate vehicles home. Nonetheless, because so little is known about the successor to the Rothschild family’s private life,

We would still be hesitant to rule out the chance that the couple was photographed by the paparazzi while on a date.

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