Doesn’t want to see him happy! Angie interfered in Brad’s new relationship

Does not want to witness his joy! She hampered Brad and Angie’s budding romance.

Ines de Ramon was someone Angelina Jolie wished to meet in person. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and his new chosen one have some things to discuss.

The “Fight Club” star’s friendship with the new selected person is developing into something more serious. Angie was really concerned about this situation.

Jolie is quite concerned about her ex-new husband’s book. The actress likes to “rule the ball” and is accustomed to staying informed of everything that is going on.

A mother of many kids wanted to meet with a decorator, but their interactions are not particularly pleasant.

Angelina wants to take charge of the situation rather than sit back and watch.

She’d like to get to know Ines Tet-A-Tet. In order for Ines to form her own conclusion, Jolie wants to share his account of the events surrounding their split from Brad, according to a source close to the actress who spoke with Heatworld.

Ines, who is divorcing the Vampire Diaries actor, was spotted with Brad once more last week in Paris. Three months prior, Pitt and de Ramon were spotted together.

Angelina and Brad’s illicit behavior continues. It recently came to light that the actor and his ex-wife, who is in France, shared a winery and secretly took money from it.

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