Emily wore a sheer dress! the sight of her will make you feel uncomfortable

Emily wore a transparent dress. You won’t want to see her since she makes you uncomfortable

The model herself had no idea that she would be embarrassed.

One of the most well-known models in the entire globe is Emily Ratajkowski.

Yet Emily is also a trendsetter in addition to this. Many young women throughout the world admire the former Victoria’s Secret angel for her exquisite sense of style.

And it is, in fact. Ratajkowski strives to emulate trendy pictures that one would want to replicate, even when walking with a child.

Also, in contrast to many of her peers, the model is continuously experimenting with imagery. The celebrity can thus don both big and fitting clothing.

During a party during New York Fashion Week, Emily flaunted one of these dresses. Large embroidery was visible on the model’s black sheath dress.

The fact that the clothing was totally transparent served as the image’s “highlight.” Ratajkowski was not wearing underwear, which was obvious as a result.

Emily, it seems, had no idea that her body would become entirely “naked” when she was snapped with a flash. The former Victoria’s Secret angel covered the hot spot with her hands in an attempt to save the situation.

Fans of the model thought Emily looked too exposed while dressed up. Other people said that, aside from the event, wearing it even at home was frightening.

“To dress in such a way that you will subsequently feel ashamed throughout the entire evening. “If only I wore underwear,” “She put on this clothing, but I’m ashamed,” and “Obviously I don’t comprehend something”

Online people voiced their opinions, saying things like, “Even if it looks exquisite, it’s still defiant,” “Some image turned out to be unsuccessful,” “Too obscene,” and “Emily transforms into a freak.”

Generally speaking, the model is frequently seen in unposed photographs and rebellious attire. Emily enjoys flaunting her figure, which is quite admirable.

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