Heidi effectively plays with half-covered brеаsts in the video from the top angle

The video’s top perspective shows Heidi playing with partially veiled breasts.

The 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards were held in Los Angeles on March 1 to recognize the most prominent musicians, businesswomen, and producers.

Heidi Klum, a stunning blonde 49-year-old who was one of the invited guests, once again shown that age is no obstacle to maintaining good health.

The German top model opted for a beautiful but perhaps too revealing costume for a secular celebration, emphasizing all the attractive features of her alluring form.

In front of the audience, the actress was dressed in a vivid yellow strapless dress with exposed shoulders and a plunging neckline above the thigh.

The blonde’s long hair, which was cascading in waves, added to her allure. The extravagant costume was embellished with red stones of various sizes. A snow-white long coat and heeled sandals were added to the festive bow.

Heidi also shared a private video of her playfully “playing” with her large breasts in close-up on Instagram. With a naked bust, Klum appeared to greet her subscribers.

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