In an ultra mini with an open top and a neckline to the navel: Jenna was struck by the frankness of the dress on the red carpet

The frankness of the dress on the red carpet, an ultra short with an open top and a neckline to the navel, stunned Jenna.

After the premiere of the hit series “Wednesday,” Jenna Ortega’s popularity has grown to be astounding.

Although Jenna’s character in the movie was a reserved and austere young woman, she was by no means that reserved in real life. The rising star has already shocked the public by making wild appearances and taking rather private photos at home.

Her latest brilliant presence at the Scream 6 premiere in New York was therefore less shocking but no less impressive.

The 20-year-old actress made an appearance at the film’s premiere in a skimpy, snow-white mini-dress by Jean Paul Gaultier that looked more like a shirt slipped off her shoulders. She then layered a black jacket over the outfit.

An unusually sexy young woman appeared with an open blouse and a bottomless neckline that reached her navel.

Even a tiny black spot did not detract from the appearance of the distinctive bow that unexpectedly appeared on Jenna’s right chest; at the very least, this detail did not influence the actors’ certain demeanor on the event’s red carpet.

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