JLo disappointed fans by wearing a tiny swimsսit

JLo upset people by donning a small bathing suit.

American singer Jennifer Lopez took a nap on the Tyrrhenian Sea shoreline following a performance on the island of Capri.

The ubiquitous paparazzi, who frequently photograph celebrities, caught her here. As these photos soon emerged on a celebrity’s fan page, it’s clear that they weren’t taken at a formal photo shoot.

Especially when you contrast them with J. Lo’s most recent appearance in an ad for skin treatment for the buttocks, where the actress showed off her entire body.

In particular, the 53-year-old artist is visible in the pictures to have not escaped the effects of aging; from certain angles, her skin appears a touch flabby in spots, and a slight crease on her stomach is also discernible.

Even so, it’s possible that the one-piece swimsuit the singer swam in while tanning was too small for the forms of the well-known beauty.

It should be mentioned that the majority of the page’s followers liked how their favorite artist looked and complimented her in the comments:

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