Lips dry, straw on head! Angie turned ugly because of jealoսsy of the ex-husband

Dry lips, straw on the head Due to the ex-jealousy, husband’s Angie became ugly.

What happened to the 47-year-old actress, who was pale and appeared to be depressed? And what significance does Brad Pitt’s happiness have in this situation?

Angelina Jolie has been adjusting to the fact that the FBI has formally ended its investigation into the actress’s altercation with her ex-husband Brad Pitt on the airplane during the past few days.

We’re talking about a story from many years ago, when a famous couple settled their differences with their kids, and one of the boys stood up for Jolie after Pitt gave him a slap in the face.

More film of 47-year-old Angie entered the network today, February 20, and it was evident that the star was getting worse. In addition to wearing clothes in gloomy shades of gray and black, Jolie stopped caring about how she looked.

She had curls that resembled a washcloth in appearance; they were so thin, shriveled, and unhealthy-looking that it was evident the actress had overdone her diet.

Known to have previously undergone plastic surgery and had her mouth reduced, Angelina also has severe lip distortion.

Age also caused the tissues to thin, which is why the famous person decided to use Botox to increase volume. She ended up with a “duck mouth” on her face due to the change in her lips.

But, it is safe to conclude that Jolie is now experiencing the 50-year-old crisis, and it is possible that despair is also linked to a sense of losing her significance.

Angelina still remains a lonely and, more crucially, unacknowledged “bitch” of Hollywood, which turns off her supporters. Brad Pitt has a new career direction and a promising relationship.

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