Pregnant RiRi came to the restaurant half-naked on her birthday: now all men envy her fiancé

RiRi entered the restaurant half-naked on her birthday while pregnant, and now all guys are envious of her fiancé.

Even if it’s merely to get coffee, Rihanna has always been able to make a spectacle out of any public appearance.

Naturally, the diva could not pass up the opportunity to flaunt her physique in front of fans and photographers now that she has the public’s full focus following the successful announcement of her second pregnancy.

The rationale was also significant. A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, and their closest friends went to a hip restaurant to late-celebrate Rihanna’s 35th birthday.

We already understood during Rea’s first pregnancy that her tummy is not a justification for her to decline extremely revealing clothing.

Furthermore, it appears like Rihanna has established a new trend among pregnant celebrities for a number of years to come. After all, we started to notice celebrity expecting mothers wearing the most exposing dresses much more frequently after her.

Despite being pregnant a second time, the singer remained the same. She wore a short, tight dress that was transparent and had a neckline that made her underwear entirely visible when she arrived at the restaurant.

Ironically, Rihanna does not appear obscene or impolite in such attire. This look seems to have been developed especially for the Barbadian beauty.

A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s fiance, also appreciates her lovebird’s stylish appearance. He didn’t look away from her once the evening began.

A$AP Rocky can now legitimately be regarded as a groom, by the way. RadarOnline claims that the celebrities are organizing a wedding.

Indeed, they haven’t decided if the party will happen before or after the baby is born. The event will, however, undoubtedly take place in Barbados.

The expert predicted that RiRi’s wedding will be elegant. In the singer’s Caribbean home, they intend to say “I do” to one other while being surrounded by family and friends. In addition to wanting it to be extremely glitzy, Rihanna also wants to be able to run barefoot.

By the way, well-known couples claimed that the stars did not intend to think about having two children after the wedding. The singer demands a minimum of four. She will therefore appear to us more than once in odd “pregnant” attire.

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