This poor creature had its had stuck in the oil bottle and people thought it is a dog but it was not so

Some mistook this poor critter, whose head was stuck in the oil container, for a dog, but this was not the case.

It all began in India when a large number of photographers strolled through the jungle and captured images of the area’s unspoiled beauty.

During one of these photo shoots, observers noticed a peculiar creature that on the exterior resembled a little dog but had an unknown thing on its forehead.

The photographer approached the creature and discovered it to be a wolf with its head entangled in a plastic bag. He most definitely entered out of curiosity, yet he was unable to exit.

When a wolf group was hiding behind some bushes, watching the action but staying away from humans, the photographers genuinely did not dare to approach the animal.

People cooperated to save the animal. His body was placed on the ground with care and fastened. The animal clung to the bottles so tightly that they had to be shattered to get them away.

The creature was also oxygen-starved, as seen by its frequent panting. After being released, the wolf was examined by the vets, and it was found that he had fever.

He gained support. As soon as the animal came to, he sprinted for the group. The shooters saw the same wolf staring at them once more just a few days prior while they were in the same forest.

This was the creature’s apparent attempt to express gratitude to its real heroes.


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