When a seal comes across a crayon drawing of itself it simply can not stop cuddling it and adoring it

A seal absolutely cannot quit admiring and caressing a crayon drawing of itself when it finds one.

If there is anything cuter than a seal, it would be a small fuzzy cute toy with a whale’s color and pattern.

A special gift was given to this amusing animal by zoo volunteers at M. Land, a popular tourist destination in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture: a little whale that resembles the “mini me” form of the seal.

They made this decision to observe the whale’s response, and it quickly became clear that the seal genuinely enjoyed the small whale and began playing with it frequently.

The seal can’t help but caress the new whale, bounce on its back, and embrace it to its bosom, showing that he is in love with it. There is no denying that this is ridiculously adorable.

This adorable creature at the Japanese theme park M.Land received a special present from the zoo volunteers.

Everyone enjoyed it, and the whale was a hit as well, because it was very unique and adorable.

A stuffed animal that mimics the seal’s “mini me” form perfectly! One cannot even pick which is cuter because they are almost identical to the adorable whale.

The whale can’t help but touch it, roll over on its back, and press it to its chest.

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