Worst mother of the year! Ratajkowski was filmed walking with her 2 yearold son fans were outraged by her behavior

Mom of the year is the worst! When viewers saw Ratajkowski walking with her 2-year-old son, they were horrified by her actions.

The model was charged with injuring the kid.

31-year-old In the year 2020, Emily Ratajkowski gave birth to her son Sly, who just celebrated his second birthday.

Emily and Sebastian Bear McClard, the child’s father, divorced a few months ago. The model is now living a free life and writing new novels.

She has been seen out on dates with comedian Eric Andre, DJ Orazio Rispo, artist Jack Greer, Kim Kardashian and Kaia Gerber’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

But Emily makes time for her son a priority as well. “Having a child is magical. I adore you more than you can possibly comprehend,” the celebrity posted on social media on the baby’s birthday.

Now that she was spotted out and about with a little child, the paparazzi were able to capture some adorable images. Yet the people didn’t like them at all.

The issue is that Ratajkowski made the decision to feed a two-year-old baby while bringing a massive pizza with her. Internet people unanimously recognized that this is not the most healthful food even for adults – let alone a little child.

Does she even understand the food she gives the child? Absolutely, as well as in public.

Emily is completely unable of cooking for herself? He feeds his son pizza in addition to eating it himself.

“Why teach kids to eat fast food from an early age? There are lots of better foods available. After all, an apple can be given to a child on the street.

By the way, Emily is not the only well-known mother who was found guilty for the child’s diet. Tess Holliday, the biggest plus-size model in the world, recently revealed what she eats for dinner, which drew a lot of criticism online.

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