A guy escaping bombardment walked 100 miles with a cow as well as a horse on his back

A man who was fleeing from an attack went 100 miles while carrying a cow and a horse.

He made the decision to use all that time to make sure he didn’t even let go of the evacuated vehicle while holding onto his kittens.

Several residents did not escape since the rescue efforts from Irpen did not handle buses and the shrubbery for that site.

The man responded to all the questions and decided to leave his dogs behind in order to move into a home in Zhytomyr. He returned on foot throughout the day and night while oblivious to the gunshots.

The Russians were in charge of everything when the cows arrived from Irpin. The poor critters are stranded and have nowhere to go.

Locals in Kyiv said they were shocked to see calves on the road in the video.

“If I left them, I’d become a bad guy,” she said. Dmitry Rated higher, 44, who has gone through the entire animal shelter process, wonders how he would address people.

Andrey says that because of what he did to his organs, he will never forgive me. In Irpen, the youngster was shot dead and buried next to Marte and his son Troiko.

Before being put to death with her in the neighborhood hospital. He made the decision to take his herd and flee to the Zhytomyr region when the evacuation took place.

The first night, he says, “I walked to Kyiv, then to Belogorodka, then to Ignatievka, then to Byshev and Korostyhev.”

In a week, they passed through 15 villages. The staff from Manya and Troika, however, reprimanded the individual who had the video.


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