A homeless kitty was discovered confined but thanks to the kindness of others he was reintroduced to society

A restricted homeless cat was found, but thanks to the generosity of others, he was returned to society.

Stray kittens struggle mightily to survive; the deprivation of a warm meal and cruelty toward them have a terrible effect on their fragile spirits.

Even the Boston cat, who was fortunate enough to be discovered in time to be spared, is in poor condition. Frisbee was found, retrieved, and then sent to the Salisbury Dog Rescue Organization.

The CD was in bad shape. The yarn was filthy and torn, and his teeth were decaying.He was found famished, terribly emaciated, and with hair that had never truly been seen before coiled up so badly.

The cat was rescued as a part of a “trap, tag, and resume normal” program, and it was soon found to be very friendly to those who needed dental work.The cat was bathed, had his teeth cleaned, the granules taken out, and was groomed. One day has seen a significant change in frisbee.


We hope that Frisbee soon finds a home. On the group’s official social media page, he captioned his picture.

She now has a favorite chair in his new home after our hero was fortunately taken away just a week later. The volunteers’ removed fur has grown back.



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