Age only in the passport: 53 yearold Jenn completely nаkеd

Age only on the passport: Jenn, 53, is fully naked.

The adage “men, like expensive wine, only get better with age” is something that many of us have heard. Well, Jennifer Lopez could certainly add a footnote about a few more women, including herself, if not disprove this assertion.

After all, it appears that the American singer is aware of the key to maintaining young forever.

Most likely, it involves good nutrition together with consistent exercise and is simplistic to the point of banality. According to paparazzi photos, Lopez actually spends a lot of time exercising and engaging in outdoor activities.

(although, of course, the star isn’t always successful). It’s true that a month ago, admirers speculated that Jennifer had stopped working out because the celebrity was spotted wearing a tracksuit that appeared to make her twice as fat.

However, the fans’ worries were for nothing as Jay Lo’s recent shot for the single’s cover confirms that she is in excellent shape.

The song “In The Morning” is set to be released on Friday, however after taking a look at the picture, thoughts of the eagerly anticipated composition fade. The 51-year-old Lopez, who chose to go entirely naked for the sake of a nice shot, is the center of attention.

Even if we permit good image manipulation, it is hard not to notice the singer’s compressed buttocks and relief.

Since the world star is unlikely to have consented to a full photoshop of the cover and the deceit of her multi-million audience, all that is left to do is to awe at the artist’s spectacular appearance. Well done, J Lo!

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