Allow yourself to relax! half-nаked Shayk had fun on the video with a brutal handsome man

Let yourself unwind! Shayk enjoyed herself on camera while partially nude with a stunning man.

The model made a stunning first impression.

Irina Shayk is not afraid to show off her body in public. And as of right now, the top model from Russia maintained her modesty on social media.

At the end of exhausting working days at Paris Fashion Week, the brunette gave herself permission to unwind. She had a very witty video chat with fashion designer Ricardo Tisci while lying on the bed in a black bra that partially showed her breasts.

The model displayed her best qualities.

Irina Shayk doesn’t hesitate to display provocative clothing in public. And the top model from Russia is still brazen on social media.

After a long day of work at Paris Fashion Week, the brunette allowed herself to relax. She used an unorthodox kind of video connection communication with fashion designer Ricardo Tisci: she lay down on the bed wearing a black bra that left half of her breasts exposed.

Shake produced a face mask in the bathroom after that. Beauty has said that she and Ricardo are close friends on numerous occasions.

The next scene in the film shows Shake making a face mask in the bathroom. Beauty has frequently stated that she and Ricardo get along well.


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